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Welcome to the members area of Momentum Business Academy! We are so glad you have joined us on this journey to further your education and skills. Our e-learning platform is filled with high-quality courses and resources to help you achieve your goals. Here's to your success!

Standard Subscription Content

Ilean & Matthew harris

This subscription level is designed to help you achieve personal development and wealth mastery through a variety of trainings and resources. Our team of experts has created a wealth of content specifically tailored to help you reach your goals.

1. 6 Week Dream Ignition Business Challenge

Ignite your business growth with our 6 week challenge.

2. Cashflow 101

Learn powerful cashflow strategies for improving  financial stability and maximizing profits.

3. Wealth Mastery & Developing A Millionaire Mindset

Our wealth mastery and millionaire mindset training is designed to help you achieve financial success and build a wealth-focused mindset.

4. high Performance Secrets

Unlock your limitless potential, producing high quality results faster than ever before.

5. Goal Setting Workshop

Discover the power of ATOMIC goal setting & turn your dreams into reality

6. Brand Audit For Business Owners

Our brand audit training is a step-by-step guide to evaluating the strength and effectiveness of your brand and identifying areas for improvement.

7. Business Audit For Business Owners

Our business audit training is a comprehensive course designed to help business owners assess the overall health and effectiveness of their business, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan for growth.

8. Resilience and Grit: Thriving in Adversity

This course immerses you in the realms of resilience and grit, providing essential tools to overcome entrepreneurial challenges. Learn to turn setbacks into opportunities, cultivating a robust mindset that propels you toward entrepreneurial success.

9. Mindfulness and Business Focus: Strategies for Success

Discover how mindfulness can enhance your business performance. This course teaches you focus practices that improve decision-making, reduce stress, and help you stay calm amid uncertainty—essential skills for entrepreneurial success.

10. Adaptability and Growth Mindset: Navigating Entrepreneurial Waters

Learn to embrace change and cultivate a growth mindset in this dynamic course. Explore strategies to adapt to a constantly evolving business environment, turning challenges into opportunities for continuous growth.

11. Goal Setting and Visualization: Designing Your Entrepreneurial Success

Immerse yourself in the power of visualization and effective goal-setting. This course guides you to define your entrepreneurial goals, visualize success, and create a detailed action plan that brings you closer to your entrepreneurial aspirations.

12. Time Management and Business Productivity: Working Smart

Master time management and maximize your productivity with this practical course. Discover techniques to prioritize tasks, avoid procrastination, and achieve an effective balance between your work and personal life as an entrepreneur.

13. Confidence and Self-Belief: Building Your Entrepreneurial Personal Brand

This course focuses on strengthening your confidence and self-belief as an entrepreneur. Learn to overcome self-doubt, communicate confidently, and build a strong personal brand that supports your entrepreneurial success.

14. Networking and Business Relationship Building: Connecting for Success

Explore the importance of effective networking in the business world. This course provides strategies to build and leverage a strong network, fostering business relationships that drive your growth and success.

15. Decision-Making and Taking Business Risks: Navigating Uncertainty

Learn to make informed decisions and take calculated risks in the business environment. This course equips you with the skills to assess risks, make effective decisions, and lead with confidence in challenging situations.

16. Financial Mindset and Economic Literacy: Mastery in Business Finance

Immerse yourself in the world of business finance with this course addressing financial mindset and economic literacy. Learn to manage financial stress, understand your money mindset, and make sound financial decisions for your business.

17. Leadership Mindset: Inspiring Teams for Entrepreneurial Success

This course focuses on developing an effective leadership mindset. Learn to lead with vision, communicate strategically, and build cohesive teams—essential elements for successful leadership in the business world.

Pro Subscription Content

Ilean & Matthew Harris

This subscription level is designed to provide you with cutting edge business and marketing skills for the digital age. With this subscription, you'll have access to a wide range of courses and resources on topics such as social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, and much more. Our team of experts has carefully curated this content to ensure that you have the most up-to-date and relevant information at your fingertips.

1. Social Media Mastery

Our social media marketing mastery course is a comprehensive training program designed to help you master the art of social media marketing. In this course, you'll learn how to create and execute effective social media campaigns, how to measure and analyze your results, and how to use social media to build brand awareness and drive sales.

2. network Marketing | 90 Day Business transformation

Learn how to explode your network marketing business with the power of a "90 day run". You'll learn how to build a successful network marketing business from the ground up, build massive momentum, rank up faster than ever, and build a massive sales organization in 90 days or less.

3. Webinars For Influencers

Learn how to create and host successful webinars. You'll learn how to plan, promote, and deliver engaging webinars that help you build your brand and grow your audience.

4. Email Marketing Blueprint

Learn how to effectively use email marketing to promote your business and drive sales. You'll learn how to create compelling email campaigns, segment your email list, and analyze your results to continually improve your results.

5. Info Products & E-Courses

Info products are well on their way to being a 1 trillion dollar industry. Discover how to turn your knowledge and expertise into a profitable info product, that serves your audience, builds your brand, and creates passive cashflow.

6. Creating Sales Funnels To Sell Digital Products

Learn how to create powerful, high converting sales funnels to help you sell your digital products online.

7. NFT Blueprint

Learn how to quickly and easily create and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's).

8. The 7 Figure Coach

Learn how to build a successful coaching business. Discover the principles and practices of coaching, as well as how to establish a high paying coaching business and attracting and retaining clients.

9. Social Ads Domination

Learn how to get more qualified traffic and leads to your brand and business than ever before with the power of advertising on digital platforms.

10. Social Ads Domination | Microsoft Ads

Discover how to grow your business and brand and get high qualified leads from Microsoft platforms.

11. Video marketing pro

Discover how to grow your business and brand with video marketing recorded, edited, and produced with your smartphone.

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